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In today’s fastpaced digital world, effective marketing is key to business success. Nexus Global’sMarketing 360 Services are designed with thisin mind, offering an allencompassing marketing solutionfor small and medium business owners. Combining the prowess of AI with the insight of humanexpertise, our service ensures your brand not only thrives but also leads in its digital journey.

Key Features of Our Service


Custom Website Development

We build bespoke websites that encapsulate your brand’s essence,ensuring a unique and powerful online presence.


Social Media Mastery

From channel setup to ongoing optimization, we ensure your social mediaprofiles reflect your brand’s voice, engaging your audience with tailored branding and content.


Engaging Video Content & YouTube Channel

Dive into the world of video marketing with our customvideo production and YouTube channel management, crafting compelling visual narratives for yourbrand.


Comprehensive Content Creation:

Benefit from our complete copy and imagery service, designed tocaptivate your target audience and enhance your brand’s appeal.


Scheduled Optimized Posting

Keep your social media vibrant and active with our strategically scheduled posts, ensuring constant engagement and visibility.


SEO & Full Reporting

Improve your online visibility with our SEO strategies, complemented by detailedreporting and a userfriendly dashboard for performance tracking.


Press Release & Local Search Optimization:

Boost your brand’s visibility with targeted press releases andoptimize your local search presence, including Google My Business listings.


Automated Blog Posting

Enhance your content marketing with our blog and auto blog posting services, keeping your audience informed and engaged regularly.


Exclusive Agency Service Access

Avail of our wide range of agency services at discounted rates, addingfurther depth to your marketing strategy.

Intro Package

$197 set up
$ 97 Monthly
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

Basic Package

$997 set up
$ 47 Monthly
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

Premium Package

$2497 set up
$ 47 Monthly
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3
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